Our Technology

The next generation of battery materials, ready for use today.

Our technology has unlocked the potential of silicon-based anodes, delivering a step change in energy-dense materials. Backed by over 170 patents and an extensive portfolio of industry-leading cell manufacturing and automotive partners, we are paving the way to a sustainable, electrified future.

Harnessing the power of silicon

Silicon has ten times higher specific capacity than graphite and is capable of holding more lithium in a given mass.

This means it has enormous scope to make cells with a higher energy density. Silicon is currently being adopted as a partial replacement for carbon in battery anodes, but problems arise from expansion and contraction when the cells are charged and discharged.  Nexeon's NSP1 and NSP2 flagship materials have overcome this hurdle, making silicon anodes a viable transformative technological solution at scale.

Introducing the era of Generation 2 battery materials.

Nexeon technology overview
Conventional Silicon

Conventional silicon expands under charge, breaking and degrading the electrode. This results in rapid cell capacity fade, and therefore overall battery capacity fade.


NSP2™ unlocks the full specific capacity benefits of silicon, allowing for greater replacement of graphite.

Our proprietary anode structure contains the expansion characteristics, achieving a greater capacity over graphite whilst retaining a good cell cycle life.


Our NSP1™ technology replaces a small fraction of the graphite whilst leveraging the higher specific capacity of silicon. Silicon expands within the structure, but does not degrade the cell, providing good cycle life.

NSP1™ for use in silicon-graphite hybrid electrode up to 10% by weight.

More energy.
Less space.

Silicon’s ability to hold more lithium ions in a given volume unlocks a greater variety of cell design options.

Nexeon® materials are compatible with all type of lithium-ion battery cells, including cylindrical, prismatic and pouch cells.

Global Industry Leaders

Nexeon’s global patent portfolio covers all major territories including the US, Europe, China, South Korea and Japan.

Patents Granted
Patents Pending

Nexeon works with battery cell manufacturers, consumer electronics and automotive OEMs to deliver a holistic approach to improved battery performance for a sustainable future.