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Power to make
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Delivering a step change in energy density by creating class-leading battery materials to realise a more sustainable world.

Batteries are critical for meeting future energy demand, but what if we could use fewer of them?

Fewer cells
More cells

More energy.
Less space.

Nexeon’s silicon anode material replaces graphite in traditional battery cells, dramatically increasing energy density.

A standard EV typically uses graphite materials in its lithium-ion battery cells. Using Nexeon's silicon anode material can significantly reduce the pack size, mass and cost, but still retain the same range and performance of the original vehicle.
Using all of the available space, an EV manufacturer using Nexeon material can boost the range of a typical vehicle by c.20 to 40%*

Estimated Battery Pack Cost Saving

Estimated Vehicle Range Improvement

Using Nexeon NSP2 material
vs. typical Graphite materials

Nexeon’s materials results in

Fast chargingof devices / EVs
Long cycle lifeof new high capacity batteries

Nexeon’s material is also

Mass producibleusing cost effective materials
Low carbon footprintfrom production raw materials

Nexeon® materials are drop-in replacements for graphite typically used in traditional lithium-ion battery cells.

This delivers a step change in energy density.


potential increase in energy density of battery (Wh/l) enabled by Nexeon materials.*


Nexeon's NSP2™ material can replace graphite used to form the anode component of a traditional lithium-ion battery cell - it needs only approximately 50% of the original volume to deliver the same performance.


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